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Random Flow is a random mesh generator designed for fast and easy hard surface prototyping and concept art. This is the beta version with a lot more functionalities expected in the future.

I want to thank Piero Desopo for testing the add-on, finding bugs and improvements. He’s also responsible for some of the cool renders using the plugin. Go check out his art @ http://phoenixart.com

Read the documentation included in the zip file for the installation instruction and further understanding of all the functions in the add-on.

You can also view or download the documentation in Google Drive.

Watch the available Youtube videos in the Random Flow playlist here.

Watch this YouTube playlist and subscribe for version changes.

Random Flow is also a part of the Creative Bundle and other add-ons if you want to purchase that instead.


Random Loop Extrude – generates random extrusions from loop objects to create interesting shapes and details.

Random Panels – creates paneling details or extrusions whose height can also be randomized.

Random Axis Extrude - generates random extrusions from faces in the XYZ directions respectively.

Random Scatter – randomly scatters objects or collection objects on surface points in the mesh.

Random Tubes – generates random tubes on selected faces of a mesh.

Random Cables - generates random catenary cables from selected faces.

Random Vertex Color - generates random vertex color which can be limited to objects, face islands and selections.

Random Animation - generates random transform animations in the xyz axis.

Flanges/Couplings - generates flanges or couplings on curve objects or on results of random tubes and random cables.

Panel Screws - generates screw design objects on selected faces.

Grid Project - projects grid based cuts on selected faces for even quad topology.

Quad Slice - makes quads out of ngons by cutting lines by their vertices.

Auto Mirror - a fast intuitive auto mirror function.

Extract Faces - extract faces from active mesh for asymmetrical details.

Merge Functions - merges objects via boolean or basic join.

Mesh Data Save Feature - saves mesh data for backup or reuse.

The results from these operators offers a far more convincing result than most greeble functions. You can have designs render ready in mere minutes instead of spending hours manually designing objects.

Building a detailed scene can stress out even the most disciplined artists. With Random Flow you can skip most of the modeling pipeline and just focus on the design and shape.

And the best part about this is the randomized meshes are separate objects so the whole process becomes non-destructive.

So relax and have fun making those cool renders while you charge your creative juices at the same time.

The Random Flow add-on also includes a quadify ngon, set origin for multiple selection and a clean up tool.

The default hotkey is Shift+Q in object or edit mode. Some functions will only appear in edit mode.

* This is a one time purchase and all updates are free.

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Random Flow

96 ratings
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